We at SEC Global Consulting & Initiatives design and deliver training activities for all types and sizes of businesses. We will design new training activities for your organisation. It will have the following components:

  • Analysing the learners & the learning environments
  • Analysing your organisation’s competencies
  • Generating learning outcomes
  • Designing evaluation strategy
  • Compiling curriculum
  • Designing training strategy and creating the training and evaluation strategy documentation
  • Compiling a draft training management package

The development phase is the next step over the training design stage. In this phase we will capture all the training materials, tools and other resources required for conducting and evaluating the training.

The next stage is the ‘pilot’ course. Once this phase is successful and the training management package is approved and will become your organisation’s regular training activity. So the different phases in the design and delivery of your training programme will include evaluating the existing training activities, materials and tools, obtaining new training materials and tools, preparing training resources, and piloting the training.