At SEC Global Consulting & Initiatives, our Change Management consultants can help guide your business through different types of changes including process change, culture change, software implementation or change, or reorganisation. We can deliver the tools, strategy and process knowledge required for your staff to succeed through the change.

Organisations go through change at different times and through different processes. This can include:


  • When there is a system upgrade
  • When there is restructuring
  • When there is a Merger or Acquisition
  • When there is a job redesign

Organisational change management comprises of 2 main parts – people side and technical side. It is the people side of any change that is more challenging. It requires behavioural changes and encouraging people to give up on their existing ways. When they start doing things in ways that are difficult, they are moving out of their comfort zone as well. This is where SEC Global Consulting & Initiatives comes into the picture guides your business and people through the change.