We at SEC Global Consulting & Initiatives provide ERP Audit and Validation that involves in-detail review and validation of functional performance of your existing ERP system. We will carry out a comprehensive mapping of your existing business processes with regard to your application software. We will capture and assess the use of all the functional modules of your system.

The level of utilization by users is a major factor in determining the success of an application’s implementation. Our ERP Audit and Validation service will involve analysis, recording and assessment of the utilization of the system. We will also review the access controls for your users and conduct an in-depth analysis of the MIS reports.

Some of the main benefits of choosing our ERP Audit and Validation services include:

  • Clarity with regard to the use of the ERP software
  • A reliable and simple approach to ERP optimization
  • User knowledge about the software
  • Eliminating/limiting all manual tasks related to business processes
  • Provide support for planning scale up of your ERP

The goal behind the ERP audit is to validate the input against the output from the software to ensure that it meets your business requirements.